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Genealogy family history research specialising in Australian and English records




Lots of fequently asked questions here together with answers.





Online data

At AusGenealogy we keep a close eye on new collections - both Australian and UK-based. We subscribe to a number of sources so we're able to search these collections online for those elusive records.





Updated website

A new year - and a new look website. We hope you like the new, updated layout.





Aus Genealogy Overview


Whether you're just starting your family history journey - or you've been going for a while now - let us help you.

Getting Started

  • how to begin
  • how to record the information
  • gathering details from other sources


  • how to interpret and record information in baptism, birth, banns, marriage, death and burial certificates
  • directories,electoral rolls - great sources of information; census data - particularly England, Scotland and Wales
  • photos - invaluable data can be found by searching through old photos

Visual Aids

  • creating charts and visual interpretations of your data
  • using blank forms

Making New Contacts

  • contact other people who may be searching the same/linked families
  • using message boards

Create Your Story

  • compile your own story for future generations
  • preserve your history and documents