discover your family history


Just like you, we started our family tree with just a few details of two or three generations. Over the years we've learned how to use the information we have to start building a picture of our ancestors. We've built a network of contacts both in Australia, England and Ireland to allow us to source the information we require. You can now benefit from our years of experience.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records
We have access to both online data and hard copy records that provide the foundation data for your family tree.

England & Wales Census Data
The various census records from 1841 - 1911 provide valuable information about where your ancestors lived, their occupation and the structure of the family.

US and Canadian Records
Census data, immigration records, naturalisation information - all clues to the jigsaw of your ancestor's story. 

Online Message Boards and Mailing Lists
We use the power of the online network of genealogists worldwide to help in our research.

Family History Societies
We source material from a number of societies both here in Australia, in England and in Ireland.