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Preliminary Research

It's difficult to know where you want to start. Understand completely. So ... just jump in. Tell us what you already know. We'll do some preliminary research (at no cost to you) to let you know if we can help. We'll then advise you how you should best proceed. We have certain skills - but sometimes - we may not have the answer - and we'll tell you that straight away. We won't waste your time ... or your money.

What do you need to do?

Send us an email - info@ausgenealogy.com  Tell us what you already know (it's no good reinventing the wheel). Give us names, dates, locations, assumptions, guesses. Tell us what you'd like us to find out for you. We'll have a go - and let you know if we think we will succeed.

What next?

We'll tell you up front how long we think it will take to prepare the information for you. We charge on results - so you only pay when a result is guaranteed. If you are happy with our quote, we'll go ahead and prepare the report / our findingsand email it to you.


We charge $au40.00 per hour - but remember - this is only charged for what is actually found. So if we spent 8 hours researching ... and find nothing of consequence - then the cost to you is $0.

Our background

We started our personal family history research over 35 years ago. So we've had plenty of practice. We've learned a lot along the way. Now you can benefit from our experiences. Our ancestors came to Australia from England and Ireland - hence we concentrate on these countries - because we know a lot about the records available. Our aim is to help you to get started on your own journey. Some people tell us 'I don't know anything about my family' but we've found that you often know more than you realise. We'll help you to identify resources that will add detail to the names and dates - that's when the story of your heritage comes alive. Contact us - let's see if we can get you started on your own journey.

Specfic Requests

Family Group Report: We can produce a report on each individual family, starting with the parents, then the children of that family. It's a quick and easy way to see a family as a group.

Family Tree Chart: As part of your final research report we will forward you a family tree - just like you see on the TV Series 'who do you think you are?'

Creating a tree online?

There are a number of different websites now that allow you to upload your tree so that you can make connections with other families who are researching the same individuals. If you're just not sure where to start - we can help you. 

Ancestry and FindMyPast are well known sites where you can create your own family tree. You can add information to it any time you like. If you already have a genealogy program on your laptop at home you may be able to create a gedcom file - and upload that to a site like Ancestry - or another site like TribalPages. We'll help you to get started.

All too much to take in?

Send us an email and let us know where you'd like to start. Just jump in ... feet first. Your ancestors certainly did!


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